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Topic subjectSteve Nash got out coached by Doc , as I expected
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2753872, Steve Nash got out coached by Doc , as I expected
Posted by guru0509, Thu Dec-30-21 09:48 PM
His lineups and substitutions are mind boggling and totally wasted a virtuoso performance from beard

Embid was having his way w Clapton , he needs to do something about his weight . I can’t imagine what Jokic would have done to him if that game wasn’t cancelled

>Derozan/ Lavine are the best duo in the league, drawing
>to the greatest duo of all-time in Jordan/Pippen.
>Bulls still need some bigs, and I’m hoping they can figure
>something out
>to bring in Marvin Bagley.
>Other attractive bigs that cold be on the market soon:
>Plumlee and Zubak.
>Both players have a year left on their contracts that are
>either partially guaranteed
>or a team option.
>Mason Plumlee (Hornets): $9.1 million, $4.3 million
>Ivica Zubac (Clippers): $7.5 million (team option).
>With Paul George set to be out of action for up to 2 months,
>and Kawhi
>is still rehabbing is ACL injury, this season could be a wash
>for the clippers.
>So the clippers might seek to make some moves before the trade
>to decrease their payroll/ or to start setting themselves up
>for next season.
>Bagley/Plumlee/Zubak....I’ll take either one of them.
>Let’s make it happen.