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Topic subjectlmao him FIRST and foremost.
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2753849, lmao him FIRST and foremost.
Posted by Cold Truth, Thu Dec-30-21 03:00 PM
Mainly because he's the one most likely to help us sucker- er, negotiate- the best return.

He just ain't it. It's always something with him, some sort of injury, some mishap. Something. "injury prone" may be a statistical myth, but the fact is he gets hurt an awful lot.

I'd rather cut bait on that and let someone else deal with him turning into an exploding rack of bowling pins any time he takes contact.

Russ ain't getting us shit in return for a list of reasons.

There could be a way to net something solid with a 3-4 team deal somewhere, but that's hopeful optimism.

I'm not sure what teams would give up for Brawn, given his age.

No trade clauses for him and AD make trades a tall order, before we even get to whether or not the Lakers would be willing to deal them absent a trade demand, because they're not.

There is a *little* wiggle room here, what with the rash of injuries and COVID absences. But not much, and not much to say this team has a chance of doing anything that matters.

I say, recognize the writing on the wall and get what we can, while we can, and hopefully we can kickstart a rebuild early.

It won't happen, even if it's what I want to happen.

I have no attachment to any of these cats. Brawn, a little, but all my love was for the kids we had. But the rest? none whatsoever.