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Topic subjectYou don’t know what they will or would be....
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2753828, You don’t know what they will or would be....
Posted by allStah, Wed Dec-29-21 08:26 PM
just like your prediction the Lakers will be top 3 in the West easily,
when it was quite obvious that the makeup of the team is worse
than last season’s

Similar doesn’t not mean exact. If I had to let Lavine walk, and needed
another SG to replace him, those two players would clearly be targets,
and there wouldn’t be a huge drop off by the Bulls. The team is too talented,
and the coaching is too good. While Lavine was in protocols, this team
was still competitive as hell. And Bulls management knows that. Losing
Lavine would not cripple the Bulls, not even close. In my opinion, the
most important player on that team is Ball.

At this present time, Lavine is not worth top 5-10 money. Now that could
all change, but like I said he still has more work to do.