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Topic subjectWouldn't be the worst thing for the Cavs to return to the lotto.
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2753824, Wouldn't be the worst thing for the Cavs to return to the lotto.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Dec-29-21 06:01 PM
The core is clearly there and clearly strong. Without Rubio or Sexton, that backcourt's mighty thin-- and that's the biggest offseason priority too, figuring out the backcourt. I personally would sign Rubio for another 2-year deal and let Sexton walk, based on how they've each looked with Garland, but that's just me.

Then, find a nice free agent stopgap, draft Trevor Keels to be the defensive bulldog guy alongside Garland long term, and then make a real push next season.

I don't think the Cavs are good enough to win the East this year, especially not down Rubio and Sexton. But if Okoro keeps growing, Mobley keeps getting stronger, and they figure out the backcourt for the next 2 years? There's reeeeeal potential there.