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Topic subjectIf you think McCollum and Levert are similar to LaVine...
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2753823, If you think McCollum and Levert are similar to LaVine...
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Dec-29-21 05:55 PM
... then yeah, not much to discuss on LaVine either, lol. I think McCollum and Levert are each notably worse than LaVine.

LaVine is the best offensive player of the three (with Levert being easily the worst), and he's probably at this point now the best defensive player of the three (with CJ being easily the worst). You may disagree with that. Okay. Others don't. Which is why others are on Team Pay The Man. A lineup of Lonzo, McCollum, DeRozan, and Vuc knocks the Bulls down multiple seed lines from where they are with LaVine, imo.

You have a shot at a title. You have Vuc for one more season after this year, DeRozan, Lonzo, and P-Will for two more. You've got to turn either this season or next into a realistic shot at a title. If the Bulls' primary concern is saving money in the short term, when two of the three stars will be 32+ next season, then... yeah, I would vehemently disagree with that strategy, personally.