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Topic subjectYou don’t give out contracts based
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2753820, You don’t give out contracts based
Posted by allStah, Wed Dec-29-21 04:49 PM
on no else out there being available. It doesn’t work like that,
and you’re spewing a whole lot of hypotheticals. We don’t know what Lavine will be
at 28 or 29.

Are you a Bulls fan or Lavine fan? I’m a Bulls fan, so I’m not
attached or glued on to one particular player, especially if it leads
to being a strangle hold on the payroll that could limit future moves.

I could name quite a few players that could play similar to Lavine,
and they would come with a cheaper price tag.

McCollum and Levert just to name a few.

Lavine has ONE all star appearance, and nothing else.
You don’t simply empty your back account for that.
Most players who will soon be 27 years old looking for super max
deals have several accolades under their belt.

He still has work to do in my opinion.

This is not Lavine hate, nor does it mean that I don’t like him.