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Topic subjectBagley avg a block a game in his first season,
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2753817, Bagley avg a block a game in his first season,
Posted by allStah, Wed Dec-29-21 02:59 PM
when he was getting 20+ minutes. He is now avg under 20 mins a
game, so it would be reasonable to say that when given the minutes
he is a good rim protector. Avg a block a game is not an accident. That
is an ability.

Derrick Jones, Jr has never avg a block per game in a season,
his career avg is 0.7. Bagley has the same career avg. So you’re
wrong about him not being a rim protector.

Also, under Alvin Gentry, Bagley has been solid on defense:

“With Alvin Gentry now at the helm, Bagley has been given another chance to earn a spot in the Kings’ rotation, and the thing that’s gotten him playing time as of late is, ironically, his defense.

“He’s been pretty consistent since he’s been able to get back out onto the floor,” Gentry said of Bagley following the Kings’ 104-99 win over the LA Clippers on . “I think he’s done a good job defensively of getting down me guarding perimeter players … but the big thing is that he’s come up with some big rebounds for us and been able to do some things to help us on the board.”

So one could say that he just didn’t like playing for Luke Walton.

And the win right now is the wrong mentality to have because it usually
leads to failure, like the desperation move the Bulls made last season
to bring in Vucevic, only to fall out of playoff contention. As soon as the Bulls
made that move, things went south, and that was before Lavine was sidelined.

This situation doesn’t need to be rushed. It should be well calculated, to ensure
that the right player is brought in to seriously improve our interior on both sides
of the ball for many years to come.