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Topic subjectLike you said about Michael Porter?
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2753814, Like you said about Michael Porter?
Posted by allStah, Wed Dec-29-21 01:40 PM
Now look at how stuck Denver is.

Backing up the truck is not that simple, especially for a guy
who made his first all star team last year, and has zero all nba
or all defensive team accolades.

Lavine has improved tremendously, and he is a good person,
but his defense and ball protection are still concerns.

I think if he makes an all nba team this year, and becomes
even more polished, then he would definitely deserve the
super max.

He still has more work to do in my opinion.

Think about this. Giannis just signed a super max deal
back in December, and he is only the sixth player to sign
a super max deal since 2017! And Giannis is a multiple
mvp award winner, with several all nba team selections,
and he has a defensive player of the year award.

Super Max deals are extremely rare deals, since they are given
to top 5-10 players. Those deals are reserved for the best of the

Zach isn’t even the best player on the team. It’s Derozan who
is receiving MVP considerations.