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Topic subjectYeah, you missed what I said.
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2753809, Yeah, you missed what I said.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Dec-29-21 12:56 PM

>Jones isn’t in the same conversation with Bagley.
>Bagley avg 14/7 for 3 straight years, and has the potential to
>be a 20/10
>guy, so he has major upside and can play both sides of the
>ball. Jones has
>never avg more than 5/3, and has zero upside because he is
>mainly a defensive
>guy. He has zero offensive ability.

Literally said above that Bagley has more potential. But it's not about potential for the Bulls this year-- or it shouldn't be, anyway. They should be focused on using tradeable pieces to get win-now assets in exchange. Said that above too.

>So a rim protecting seven footer who avg 14/7 wouldn’t be
>gigantic RIGHT NOW improvement over a 6’6 defensive
>journeymen pretending to be a big in the paint?

Bagley is not a good rim protector. He's averaged under a block a game for his whole career. He's also not good at deflections or holding positions in the paint. He's a really bad defender. Has been his whole career. He's a worse defender than Vuc.

If you're bringing in Bagley, you're not bringing him in for defense, you'd only be bringing him in for offense. I think Jones's defense off the bench is a better piece for winning now than Bagley's offense, considering what the Bulls's roster currently looks like. Your offense is 5th in the NBA, your defense is 10th. Trades should be focused on trying to improve the Bulls's defensive depth imo.

>Plus Bagley would have the potential to be our future
>interior star once Vucevic’s contract expires in 2 years.

Bagley's contract expires before Vuc's anyway-- it expires this offseason. If you could trade for Bagley on a reasonable deal for the next 3-4 years, okay... but that's not the reality. Reality is his contract will be done this summer before any of that potential likely manifests itself in a Bulls uniform. And I'd rather use the offseason money to sign a more quantifiable (and healthier) asset than Bagley.

And like I said, I don't think the Bulls should be trading for or spending money on potential winners years from now. In a season where the Nets have weird chemistry stuff and the Bucks potentially have fatigue from last year's run and the Olympics, this is a ripe opportunity for the Bulls to win the East. Gotta go all in right now imo.