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Topic subjectIt's crazy - but LeBron is still charting elite in year 19
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2753796, It's crazy - but LeBron is still charting elite in year 19
Posted by Vex_id, Tue Dec-28-21 09:18 PM
He's actually averaging more points in year 19 than what his career average is - still giving you basically 27, 7 & 7 super efficiently, over 50% from the field, nearly 35% from 3. Even shooting near his career best at the free-throw line.

Just locked in. Nobody has had a prime this elongated. At this point in Kareem's career, he was barely scoring in double digits and was a third/fourth option at best.

Team's a mess, but if LeBron can somehow keep them afloat through extended periods of no continuity, failed chemistry projects and injuries to somehow be competitive in the playoffs - it will be crazy to think that he's still carrying an entire broken team on his back in year 19,000.

As bad as the Lakers have played, they are still within striking distance of the 4 seed if they can just finally catch a win-streak.