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Topic subjectHow am I moving the goal post?
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2753789, How am I moving the goal post?
Posted by allStah, Tue Dec-28-21 08:10 PM
I don’t really think he is a max player, doesn’t mean he isn’t
a good player.

I’m not really sold yet. I’ve said as much.

If I had to super max him right now, I wouldn’t.

He has tremendously improved, but to give him Giannis money?
I don’t think he is at that point. I need to see all nba teams, all
defensive teams, etc

So how have I moved the goal post?

You’re turning into a pest with this stuff, and you would make
a shit ass GM with “ give him what he wants”. NBA doesn’t
work that way. There is a reason why the Bulls have not
paid him, and he is in the last season of his contract ....

Just like me they still have question marks ...if they didn’t he
would have been paid already just like Giannis ..just KD, and

We are talking Giannis money here.. MVP, Champion money.