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Topic subjectLavine is very good, but for the super max?
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2753776, Lavine is very good, but for the super max?
Posted by allStah, Tue Dec-28-21 05:54 PM
I’m still not sure. He wants Giannis money, and he still has defensive woes.
Playing in the Olympics definitely improved his game, and he is playing
extremely well right now.

Jones isn’t in the same conversation with Bagley.

Bagley avg 14/7 for 3 straight years, and has the potential to be a 20/10
guy, so he has major upside and can play both sides of the ball. Jones has
never avg more than 5/3, and has zero upside because he is mainly a defensive
guy. He has zero offensive ability.

So a rim protecting seven footer who avg 14/7 wouldn’t be gigantic RIGHT NOW improvement over a 6’6 defensive journeymen pretending to be a big in the paint?

Come on.

Plus Bagley would have the potential to be our future interior star once Vucevic’s contract expires in 2 years.

Only concern with Bagley would be his attitude, due to his father’s influence.....But I’m
sure Lonzo could tell him how to handle that.