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Topic subjectYou've changed your "no max for LaVine" take, I take it? lol
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2753771, You've changed your "no max for LaVine" take, I take it? lol
Posted by Frank Longo, Tue Dec-28-21 05:31 PM
>Derozan/ Lavine are the best duo in the league, drawing
>to the greatest duo of all-time in Jordan/Pippen.

I wouldn't go that far, obviously, lol, but it's obvious that they're working really well together. And Billy D is just such a good coach. Totally insane that there are *still* college teams holding out hope he'll come back, lmao.

My hot take with this squad is "DeRozan is probably a Hall of Famer," but I'll let that simmer for now.

>Bulls still need some bigs, and I’m hoping they can figure
>something out
>to bring in Marvin Bagley.

I think this'll be hard to make work for the money, especially because the Bulls won't want to trade any real long-term assets to make this happen, but the Kings would pretty clearly want some real equity. Maybe, like, Derrick Jones, Troy Brown, and a first for Bagley? Or change the first to two seconds?

Problem is I'm not convinced Bagley helps today more than Derrick Jones could, potentially-- Bagley's best potential is still "bring him in, see how he meshes with the culture, then try to keep him for what could be unlocked there" whereas the Bulls are more in the mode of "bring in someone who will help the Bulls win the East right today." Is Bagley a better win-now guy today than Derrick Jones? I'm a Duke guy, so I'd certainly like to think so, and he definitely has the better longterm potential... but if I left my pro-Duke bias aside, I'm not convinced he would be better come this spring for the Bulls. So once you factor that in, adding picks to the mix (which they'd *have* to do to make Sacramento happy) just doesn't seem to make much sense.