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Topic subjectWAY too much time off between the semi finals and the final game
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2754351, WAY too much time off between the semi finals and the final game
Posted by guru0509, Tue Jan-04-22 09:19 PM

wtf I thought the game would be this week? NEXT Monday? cmon

>Get your asterisks ready...
>College Football Playoff champion can be crowned via
>COVID-related forfeit, new policy states
>A new College Football Playoff policy written this week in
>response to the surging omicron virus allows for a team to
>advance to the national championship -- and ultimately win it
>-- by its opponents having to forfeit, according to an updated
>set of COVID-19 policies the CFP released on Wednesday.
>The changes, which were made by the CFP's management committee
>during a video conference on Tuesday, also provide flexibility
>for the Jan. 10 national championship game in Indianapolis to
>be pushed back no later than Jan. 14.
>If one team is able to play in the title game and the other
>can't because of COVID-19 - and the game can't be rescheduled
>- the team that can't play will forfeit and its opponent will
>be declared the national champion. If both teams can't play on
>either the original or rescheduled date, the game will be
>declared a "no contest" and the CFP National Championship will
>be vacated for this season.
>No. 1 Alabama will face No. 4 Cincinnati at 3:30 p.m. ET on
>Dec. 31 in the College Football Playoff Semifinal at the
>Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic. No. 3 Georgia will face No. 2
>Michigan at 7:30 p.m. ET on Dec. 31 in the CFP Semifinal at
>the Capital One Orange Bowl.
>If one of those four semifinalists is unable to participate
>because of a COVID-19 outbreak, the unavailable team will
>forfeit the game, and its opponent will advance to the
>national championship.
>"As we prepare for the playoff, it's wise and necessary to put
>into place additional precautions to protect those who will
>play and coach the games," CFP executive director Bill Hancock
>said in a prepared statement. "These policies will better
>protect our students and staffs while providing clarity in the
>event worst-case scenarios result."
>If both teams are unavailable to play in a semifinal game, it
>would be declared "no contest" and the winner of the other
>semifinal game would be declared the CFP national champion.
>The CFP's announcement on Wednesday came less than 90 minutes
>after Alabama announced offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien and
>offensive line coach Doug Marrone tested positive for
>COVID-19. According to the statement from coach Nick Saban and
>athletic trainer Jeff Allen, they have "very mild symptoms"
>and both are still expected to be able to coach against
>Cincinnati in the Cotton Bowl.
>In the rare instance that three semifinal teams are unable to
>play, the lone remaining healthy team would win its game by
>forfeit and be declared the CFP national champion.
>A school spokesman for Cincinnati told ESPN last week that the
>school does not make its team vaccination rate public. On
>Monday, Saban told reporters that more than 90% of his players
>have been fully vaccinated and received a booster.
>Michigan offensive lineman Andrew Stueber told reporters on
>Tuesday the team planned to get its booster shots together on
>Wednesday as a team. A school spokesman for Georgia told ESPN
>that over 90% of the Bulldogs were fully vaccinated as of the
>SEC championship game.
>The CFP also updated its policies for on-site, as athletic
>directors at each school have to certify that each person with
>access to the field on game day has tested negative for
>COVID-19 within 72 hours of the kickoff or has been fully
>vaccinated. According to the new policies, each school will
>use the same testing arrangement it used during the regular
>season, and arrange for testing at the game site.
>"We certainly wish we were not in this position," Hancock
>stated in the news release, "but the only responsible thing is
>to take whatever actions we can reasonably take to better
>protect those who play and coach the game."
>The CFP also set new COVID-19 policies for the Fiesta and
>Peach bowls, stating that the CFP, the bowl game and ESPN
>would try to reschedule the game within one week of the
>original date. If that doesn't work, the game would be
>considered a "no contest."
>The Rose Bowl, which is contractually bound to the Big Ten and
>Pac-12, and the Sugar Bowl, which has contracts with the Big
>12 and SEC, operate under separate agreements and don't fall
>under the new CFP guidelines.