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Topic subjectthe Brian Hartline effect, he recruits his ass off
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2754133, the Brian Hartline effect, he recruits his ass off
Posted by guru0509, Sun Jan-02-22 01:48 PM
>in the country and top 5 overall rated hs player and he’s
>just an afterthought on your team. Also disgusting how you
>keep poaching these PA guys. But then again, I can’t blame
>them when they’re pretty much guaranteed to play with a much
>better QB in a much better offensive system.

its gotta be pretty cool having a former NFL WR as your position coach...the dolphins gave him a pretty decent chunk of money too iirc, he wasnt a scrub.

(i wasnt a huge fan of his when he was at TOSU bc he had some very unkind things to say about Terrelle Pryor, but considering how things turned out, his comments were accurate and true)