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Topic subjectdesmond is a world class buffoon and herb ain't that great either
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2754123, desmond is a world class buffoon and herb ain't that great either
Posted by 3xKrazy, Sun Jan-02-22 10:28 AM
I think in general I'm just tired of the opt out commentary. Every kid has to make their own decision and it's really no one else's business or place to judge.

I will say that I don't really understand the 'meaningless bowl game' stuff because if games with playoff implications are the only games with any meaning then 95% of the games played throughout the season would also be considered meaningless. One could argue that playoff games don't really hold all that much meaning in the grand scheme of life either.

I'd expect that pretty soon we start seeing players opt out midseason once they feel their draft stock is solidified. This isn't going to remain an issue specific to bowl games only.

>At this point, it's easy to criticize Corral's decision
>because he got hurt. He made a bold choice to play alongside
>his teammates. And given the stakes, he made a bold decision.
>You have to respect his heart, even if his choice wasn't the
>best long-term decision.
>My post was fueled somewhat by Herbstreit's comments about
>modern players being entitled for dropping out of bowl games.
>Either way, if the player is making an informed decision that
>reflects their personal values, then they deserve the right to
>make that decision.
>But pundits and fans' criticism of players who hold out of
>bowl games is selfish and upholds a standard of amateurism
>that hasn't existed in at least a generation.
>It's FBS. Everyone's entitled. The players have the right to
>be 'entitled' too.