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Posted by will_5198, Thu Dec-30-21 09:24 PM
maybe I'm scarred too much but there have been much worse happen to Tennessee, sadly (their last loss in the Music City Bowl actually prompted a rule change).

but it wasn't a great call. whole OL was gassed, Fant (TE) missed his block and basically collapsed after the play, and while Wright had big heart to throw that ball over the line, he's a 5'10, 190 scatback who isn't going to move a pile.

Heupel should have called a run-pass option for Hooker instead of bunching everyone as tight as possible.

Hooker could have iced the game away in the first half but he missed 4 touchdown throws (probably good for him to grow from in 2022) and the defensive depth fell apart late in the game.

doesn't really tarnish the season though. this was about as good as you could have hoped based on the half-dozen starters who transferred out and another year one reset.