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Topic subjectIf this works right, it's our Robinho signing
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2754629, If this works right, it's our Robinho signing
Posted by magilla vanilla, Fri Jan-07-22 06:52 PM
Edens and Sawiris aren't country rich, but they're quite rich. Coutinho as a talisman for the "type" of player Villa can attract could have huge knock-on effects. Word is now that we're looking at bringing in Bissouma - a player that might have seen a move to Villa as lateral before Coutinho came in. And yeah, we're sitting dead center of the table, but there's not a WHOLE lot of ground between 11th and the European places- if Coutinho can come CLOSE to his best form we could be in business. Coutinho slotting in as a twin ten allows us to keep depth in the midfield, as now Jacob Ramsey or Morgan Sanson won't be taking up one of those slots behind the striker (and yes, we still have to figure out where Bailey and Ings fit in, although the answer will probably be "as supersubs").

Plus, training with a world class player like Coutinho is going to improve the rest of the squad. Iron sharpening iron and all that.