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Topic subjectRE: I mean… they did need to shake things up
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2754108, RE: I mean… they did need to shake things up
Posted by jimaveli, Sun Jan-02-22 12:18 AM
>But it’s telling that they’re only idea for shaking
>things up is a surprise Brock title win.
>I just hope this leads to title unification down the road.

I just hope they can get him onto the show on Mondays. He doesn’t have to be like Reigns on Smackdown (even though that would be cool). But it can’t be like it was last time when Brock couldn’t be bothered to be involved in any way. And the secondary champ was basically the real champ of the show.

Maybe Brock can beat Big E in a couple of weeks ON RAW. Then we get him and Lashley sometime after since it’s right there and it would look great. And it obviously fits with the Hoss Era they’re in.

And duh, I’m hoping Reigns ends up fine and they can get him back before we end up with Joker Rollins as champ or something goofy.