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Topic subjectRE: I think both the Danielson time-limit draws worked really well
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2753139, RE: I think both the Danielson time-limit draws worked really well
Posted by jimaveli, Thu Dec-16-21 12:11 PM
>The one against Omega established him as a force in AEW and
>show a bunch of cool shit he could do, while not feeling like
>you'd seen EVERYTHING he was capable of. It gave the fans
>enough while still establishing that a re-match could be even
>Second one showed more cool shit, plus further established
>Danielson as an even bigger asshole than he was beating up all
>the Dark Order guys. He does the jumping jacks, ducks his head
>outside the ring, and does the posing because he doesn't take
>Hangman seriously as a threat. Plus, it had call-backs to all
>various beat-downs he gave to the Dark Order guys. And it set
>up a re-match down the road.
>Works for me.

Yep. Page/Dragon was a nerdy and athletic party. I think time could be REALLY nice to it...especially if Page stays made. For Dragon, it's just another one. Considering he was thought to be stuck in retirement years ago, this is a cool ass gift.

For now, it told me some very cool stories that had enough tropes to it for me to pick most of it up but enough of a twist/combo that it didn't feel old in a bad way. They had NWA with the draw that was meant to shine up the babyface. They had All Japan with the heavy-handed limb damage. They had All Japan and last 20 years WWE with the 'this guy has multiple finishes and he's gonna try them all'. And that Flair vs Steamboat/ROH/indy/HBK/NXT Black and Gold nerdy call-back shit? More please!

Page was going out of his way to do all of his shit to beat Danielson, because he saw it as his 'make my title reign real' match.

Danielson is already a made man and has been that in multiple feds for hella years (sorry Ric), and he was planning to make Page another notch in his belt. But he was a little too casual about it at first, Hangman wouldn't let it happen anyway, and they both ran out of time.

These types of matches can be special if we allow them to be so. And the fact that they're happening in Murrica without WWE having to put them on? Everyone wins. WWE can continue to sacrifice NXT 2.0 to try to make some future stars. AEW can be a high budget NXT black and gold. New Japan Strong can try to do their thing. And the rest of the indies can serve as a place to give a few more misfits a place to get it together.