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2752995, Another Tribune article
Posted by jimaveli, Tue Dec-14-21 11:08 PM

This one was tough but still really interesting. It still sucks but hey..it is good to see how folks looked out for one another.

>Reigns and Paul E are still excellent. Like most, I’d love
>if they could get him more real full-time opponents. We’ll
>I’ve never cared much about Eddie Kingston but he’s been
>big fun across from Danielson and Punk the last 2 weeks.
>Cowboy shit is coming up and I’m pulling for Page at Full
>Gear. It’s kinda now or never even if he only gets a short
>Sting reign.
>It sucks that ROH might never be back. It’s a lowkey miracle
>that they’ve lasted this long tho. Hopefully Jay Lethal
>doesn’t just take it to the house.
>Impact is still sneaking around being a competent rasslin
>show. I keep saying it cuz I keep seeing it.
>WWE has released around SEVENTY people this year. WOW.
>I hate that one of them isn’t my mans Ricochet. He could for
>real be main eventing New Japan shows right now. Am I crazy to
>think this?
>Big E as a good-match machine hoss champ gives me joy and I
>hope it keeps going.
>I like lots of what AEW is doing. I like that Danielson and
>Punk are working their way up the roster and making a bunch of
>folks work real matches and look good doing it. And this
>roster continues to get pretty deep on solid rasslers. I can
>forget Miro is around and he’s damn near the best dude
>there. They can damn near just randomly make a card and end up
>with a parade of good matches. That’s a good spot to be in
>and you never know when WWE is gonna release 20 people out of
>nowhere or let a solid hand walk.