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Topic subjectRE: Gargano-Ciampa is quite possibly the best story in wrestling ever
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2752782, RE: Gargano-Ciampa is quite possibly the best story in wrestling ever
Posted by jimaveli, Fri Dec-10-21 05:29 PM
>They committed to that for six freaking years. Even with the
>multiple injury layoffs that Ciampa had, it was always in the
>background looming. They even threw some easter eggs from
>their run in the Wargames build and match:
>In an era where WWE literally hates their history and expects
>fans to have the memories of a goldfish, they were absolutely

Yep. Those guys really outdid any reasonable expectations for that era of NXT. The DIY story was fucking great. The matches were bangers. The heat they had for most of it was IMPRESSIVE. That Ciampa with no music era? Dude...that is motherfucking HEAT. And he was soaking it the fuck up! Walking hella slow and all of that. It has to end up in a training material video package for WWE or whatever rasslin company wants to be worth a damn in the future.

Ciampa is going to put a bow on all of this shit when he makes Rex Steiner in a major way on his way out of NXT.

It is premature, but I can't help but at least occasionally think about who Roman is going to make when his time to start making other people comes. I'm oddly optimistic about it really. Cena did so much top-shelf work once HE started showing ass/jobbing for more opponents. It basically made his career story a completely different one than it would've been if he had left earlier.