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Topic subjectRE: stay alert: Lucha Bros vs FTR tonight on Rampage
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2752775, RE: stay alert: Lucha Bros vs FTR tonight on Rampage
Posted by jimaveli, Fri Dec-10-21 03:11 PM
>crazy match to give us on a 10pm Friday night show but I'm
>not complaining

It took a while but now they're back to treating FTR like a big deal. That was supposed to be the gift of having some tag team wrestling nerds in the mix towards the top. Better late than never. And this is a cool matchup to me. FTR classes up Lucha Bros by giving them a really good canvas to paint their athletically dope spots on. So you get the rock solid nerdy good rasslin from FTR and the 'whoa, that's pretty cool that humans can do that' spot monkey stuff from LB.

Good times..lots of good rasslers and rassling going on around us. When the companies/booking can do their part by 'making stuff matter', it all works out even better. AEW has eventually made it clear that FTR matters so I'll take it.