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Topic subjectMJF is the other side of the "titles don't matter" mindset
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2752719, MJF is the other side of the "titles don't matter" mindset
Posted by magilla vanilla, Thu Dec-09-21 01:33 PM
that drove WWE into just a shmoz of shitty 50-50 booking. MJF gets plenty of time; he has his group of flunkies, and he gets to look convincing no matter what the result is. He'll never be in a Jinder Mahal situation where he's treated as a joke and then get three wins and suddenly he's holding the title for six months, because AEW knows how to share the ball (as long as the Bucks aren't involved). It's the lesson they picked up from the territories - make everyone look credible enough that anyone could be put in a title program if they're getting the reactions and you wouldn't have to strain your neck to see it.