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Topic subjectNXT War Games (totally not a Takeover)
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2752490, NXT War Games (totally not a Takeover)
Posted by jimaveli, Mon Dec-06-21 10:52 AM
Cuz ICK Takeovers! All of those good wrestlers who generally know what they're doing having good azz matches...who wants that!? And look at how small some of them are! Those guys can't matchup with a Roman Reigns or Randy Orton on the main roster. ICKY ICKY ICK TAKEOVERS!!! Uuuuu weeeeee! Or something like that.

Okay, a break from the snark: they keep telling everyone that old NXT is pretty much over with. AEW is kinda sorta NXT Black and Gold with a much bigger budget and Vince can't meddle with it.

With that, it kinda sorta makes sense for WWE to overtly pivot towards trying to build the next crop of stars. Sure, the resulting shows are rougher as we watch some of tomorrow's stars struggle to find their characters, looks, movesets/finishers, and mid-match transitions. At some point, they were going to have to get on with building up some more people who won't be 40+ in 5 years.

For example: we all get that Mandy Rose is REALLY easy to look at, but you can see her still working it out. She's faking it until she makes when she's trying to sexily/slowly walk to the ring. She still kinda doesn't know what to do in between moves or when going from offense to defense and vice versa to make it flow. I remember Charlotte/Becky/Sasha/Bayley having hella similar moments before they got it going years ago. AKA its fine for now.

I do love me some Rex Steiner. That's for sure. Looks and moves well. He looks 'athletic' in a smooth way (he's throwing people around and it doesn't look like a struggle). And he makes the right WWE faces and shit. He's obviously a potential star. I'm not tripping about his current finisher (Goldberg memorial press powerslam) right now cuz he can do it to a lot of NXT's current roster. When that's no longer the case, he'll change it to something else and he'll be good to go. Orton had the 'Overdrive' before the RKO for instance. Reigns was doing something else in NXT too. Austin had Teddy's sleeper. HBK had the elaborate backdrop before Chin Music. Hulk had the axe-handle or whatever before the leg drop. And on and on.

>Reigns and Paul E are still excellent. Like most, I’d love
>if they could get him more real full-time opponents. We’ll
>I’ve never cared much about Eddie Kingston but he’s been
>big fun across from Danielson and Punk the last 2 weeks.
>Cowboy shit is coming up and I’m pulling for Page at Full
>Gear. It’s kinda now or never even if he only gets a short
>Sting reign.
>It sucks that ROH might never be back. It’s a lowkey miracle
>that they’ve lasted this long tho. Hopefully Jay Lethal
>doesn’t just take it to the house.
>Impact is still sneaking around being a competent rasslin
>show. I keep saying it cuz I keep seeing it.
>WWE has released around SEVENTY people this year. WOW.
>I hate that one of them isn’t my mans Ricochet. He could for
>real be main eventing New Japan shows right now. Am I crazy to
>think this?
>Big E as a good-match machine hoss champ gives me joy and I
>hope it keeps going.
>I like lots of what AEW is doing. I like that Danielson and
>Punk are working their way up the roster and making a bunch of
>folks work real matches and look good doing it. And this
>roster continues to get pretty deep on solid rasslers. I can
>forget Miro is around and he’s damn near the best dude
>there. They can damn near just randomly make a card and end up
>with a parade of good matches. That’s a good spot to be in
>and you never know when WWE is gonna release 20 people out of
>nowhere or let a solid hand walk.