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Topic subjectI came into the show while hour 2 was in progress
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2752174, I came into the show while hour 2 was in progress
Posted by Tiger Woods, Thu Dec-02-21 02:55 PM
I picked it up at the Cole entrance. Everything Adam Cole is doing and everyone he's working with is beneath him. I'm sure he's personally having more fun than he was in NXT, but the Young Bucks (the Hardly Boys as Cornette calls them) and Orange Cassidy are so inferior to Adam Cole. It's maddening. The most annoying thing is Cole must not care, so maybe he isn't as special as I think he is.

And Cody can take a hike as far as I'm concerned. He just should not be main eventing your program when you have ACTUAL stars like Punk, Danielson, Page, and Miro. I'm beginning to not only be annoyed by him but to actually find him insufferable.

If Tony had left everything up to Cody, Kenny, and the Bucks all along they might be off of TV by now.