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Topic subjectThis week's Dynamite was kind of a hot mess
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2752155, This week's Dynamite was kind of a hot mess
Posted by mrhood75, Thu Dec-02-21 02:00 PM
Or at least the whole didn't add up to the sum of its parts.

The Page/Danielson stuff was great. Danielson is playing this perfectly and having a blast in the process. And the Dark Order have ended up being perfect foils. Ooh, it's going to be sad when Bryan cripples Silver next week.

Punk & MJF was mostly great too. The Moriarty vs. Punk match itself was dope. And MJF's Hanukah suit/pajamas were awesome. But MJF did pretty much suck on commentary (the exception being "CM stands for 'Cooking Meth.'")

Wardlow was well-used. Both for having him there for MJF to cower behind and then annihilating that jabroni. I think the right play is for him to eventually win the diamond ring. And Punk should help eliminate MJF from the battle royale itself, so he doesn't even get to be in the "finals" match.

'm one the people here who likes Orange Cassidy, but man, that segment was dumb. It mostly succeeded in showing how over Cole is.

And while I mostly liked the Cody/Andrade match, it really was structured to be a "Let's give Cody a brutal win in his 'home town'! The fans will have to cheer him!" thing. It didn't help the flame retardant on his back was distracting as hell, and then he botched sending Andrade through the flaming table.

All things considered, they're doing a decent job in building towards "Winter Is Coming." But things seemed sloppy overall.