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Topic subjectThe MJF and Punk promo war was worth the price of admission
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2751495, The MJF and Punk promo war was worth the price of admission
Posted by mrhood75, Thu Nov-25-21 03:00 PM
Punk calling Friedman a less popular Miz and that he'd been replaced by Britt Baker were nuclear burns.

Danielson vs. Colt Cabana was absolutely what it needed to be. He embraced being full heel perfectly, and the post match promo was great too. He'll probably destroy Alan Angels or Preston Vance in Atlanta next week. It's perfectly fitting into the whole "WWE goes out of its way to embarrass wrestlers in their hometown" thing.

The Thunder Rosa vs. Jamie Hayter match was better than I expected. And the main event was a lot of fun. They certainly hate Cody in Chicago. It still sorta seems like they're fighting the heel, what with the announcers saying that the fans wouldn't boo him in Atlanta. But that errant superkick to Pac seems like it's dropping hints.

It also sounded like Jim Ross might indeed be stepping away from announcing for a least a little. He's talked about needed to get radiation for skin cancer. At first he planned to take time off, and then reversed earlier this month and said he wouldn't miss anything. But when he did the sign off last night, it came across as one of those "You won't hear me in a while" things. He's said that he wants to do the first TBS show no matter what, so we'll see.