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Topic subjectRE: How about some more WWE cuts? This time from the main roster
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2751127, RE: How about some more WWE cuts? This time from the main roster
Posted by jimaveli, Fri Nov-19-21 12:18 PM
>It's been literally two weeks since the last round.
>List of victims:
>John Morrison
>The rest of Hit Row
>Tegan Knox
>Drake Maverick
>Shane Thorne
>Jaxson Ryker
>Of course, lot of former NXT people here. They've apparently
>cut almost every former NXT North American champion to make
>the main roster except Priest and Ricochet.
>It also makes their whole "NXT is our development farm!"
>company line look suspect. They "developed" Hit Row, called
>them up, and cut them all within weeks. Swerve Scott was
>probably the only one close to ready for Prime Time.
>I think it's also time to concede that Vince might actually be
>preparing to sell the company.

I think they’re just using whatever excuse to move off of people that they don’t care about. They’re deadset on the concept of ‘the show is the star’, lots of their more brainwashed fans will easily move on from any talent they drop and refuse to reasonably watch anything other than raw/smackdown, and as long as they have their main stars and the money is coming in, it’s whatever to them.

To me as an asshole who likes wrestling and just wants to see some good shit here and there no matter the brand or medium, I want them to trim down to the people they actually want. Then, FUCKING DO SOMETHING WITH THE PEOPLE THEY KEEP. It’s obvious that they’re changing directions from whatever they had planned a few years ago. So cool..do it. Let people out if they don’t fit the vision or whatever.

Quit burying folks on their way out. Don’t put out those shit rumors about attitude or whatever. Fuck that. I have one more request: if people want out of their 90-day no compete so they can show up wherever else and do something, let them the fuck out of it. Don’t be petty. It’s not the rassler’s fault that WWE changed their mind and Triple Haitch is tied up in a cave somewhere while they get rid of every small guy, old guy, and people they just don’t ‘see it’ with.

Here’s the thing zoomed out: they have to be careful with their messaging. If they create an environment where people are scared to go to WWE if they don’t fit a certain mold, they might look around and not like their roster in a few years. Maybe they get it right, almost everyone they keep looks amazing and ends up being okay enough rasslers, and the machine keeps going around their handful of key people. Maybe they get it wrong, everyone looks the same, things go down a bit cuz there’s a lack of juice with the roster, and then they have to go back to the indies to give themselves good cards again. We’ll see!