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Topic subjectRE: The night is young, sir.
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2751088, RE: The night is young, sir.
Posted by cgonz00cc, Thu Nov-18-21 06:00 PM
>I would bet Danielson gives Cabana a hellacious ass-beating
>in front of his home crowd as the opening match on Friday. I
>could see a stretcher being involved too. Preston Vance
>obviously had no problem with Moxley destroying his mask and
>leaving him a bloody mess, and I doubt he'd mind if they
>implied Danielson broke his arm or something.

that would certainly be the best case scenario. and i must admit i appreciate the beating 10 took from Moxley.

>I think Brodie dying put them in a weird position. I still
>believe if Lee were still alive, he would have eventually
>fought against Page for the soul of the Dark Order. Both with
>Lee dead, they kind of had to become Faces.

i dont really remember but i dont think there was any connection to page with the DO before he died, and they just did a lonely hearts club kind of thing in the aftermath. the best thing they could have done imo was disband after that really well done tribute episode.

>I'd say the before Brodie's death, Jon Silver was well on his
>way to getting over. They've tried with Vance, probably
>because he's Lee Jr.'s favorite wrestler and his affiliation
>with the Nightmare Factory. And rubber gimp suit aside, Uno
>really can work.

John Silver is actually to the point where i think they are holding him back a little bit. not like, maliciously, but in more of a "time to leave the nest little birdy" kind of way.

>With AEW becoming as crowded as it is, this is a good role for
>them, and probably why they're on TV so much. There'll always
>be a place for mid-card faces to be fed to aspiring mega-heels
>and up-and-comers. It can't always be Frankie Kazarian in
>those matches.

poor Frankie lol. that dude deserves a push, and that corny Elite Hunter thing was dead on arrival.