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Topic subjectI liked most of it too
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2751046, I liked most of it too
Posted by jimaveli, Thu Nov-18-21 01:06 AM
After the way they wrapped the Hangman stuff up so nicely and didn’t Russo Swerve us, I’m paying attention to the Elite when they talk for a while. They’ve earned it. Cornette can keep hanging onto the hate for them forever about their video game matches and some ROH shit from 10 years ago if he wants..that’s his deal, not mine. I DO agree that the matches can overstay their welcome..especially with the bucks, but I’m not violently upset about them. Tonight, they planted the shit out of those Cole vs Kenny seeds. Doing the 2nd interview without Kenny and having Cole being obviously more vocal was especially choice. They obviously get that people damn near expect Elite vs UE if it all works out contractually. C’mon Kyle!

I hope Kenny takes the time off that he needs. When I think of it, it’s kinda crazy how much time lots of main event Americans have missed in the last 25 years and still been fine overall upon their return. Think of a big name, there’s a big chance they missed time at some point in order to continue their career for one reason or another. Brian. The whole Shield. Austin. Haitch. Taker. Shawn. Benoit. Angle. Edge before the big layoff.

And that BD heel turn shit to start the show? Excellent. They planted seeds on that before tonight too. I’m really liking the good stuff like this. It makes sense that some of these signees have to turn heel to abuse the goodwill they’ve been given.

Punk vs MJF? Yes and please. This Punk ladder climb/AEW gauntlet has been a joy..a parade of good shit where lots of people are getting rubs. Aka the shit we constantly say we want is happening right in front of our faces with a guy who looked to be done with the biz forever. It’s all working on me.

I hope they have something for Kingston and Miro to do before they cool off too much.

>>skipped the HFO crap and the Elite microphone segments, and
>>otherwise that was just what i like.
>The second Elite segment was good, particularly with them
>incorporating Fish.
>>i hate that The
>>Acclaimed are being pounded into dust on TV, but at least
>>theyre on TV all the time.
>They'll be fine. It wasn't that long ago that Martin was
>getting pinned ever week, and it certainly didn't miss things
>up with him.
>>Sammy Guevara's push is not enjoyable for me tho :/
>C'mon, you're tripping. Sammy is really good and that was an
>awesome match tonight.
>I also thought Shida and Nyla was really entertaining. I
>haven't been as into Rose's stuff lately, and I feel like her
>and Shida fight all the time. But that turned out to be
>weel-executed and not paint-by-numbers at all.