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Topic subjectI really liked it a lot as a whole
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2751044, I really liked it a lot as a whole
Posted by mrhood75, Thu Nov-18-21 12:13 AM
>skipped the HFO crap and the Elite microphone segments, and
>otherwise that was just what i like.

The second Elite segment was good, particularly with them incorporating Fish.

>i hate that The
>Acclaimed are being pounded into dust on TV, but at least
>theyre on TV all the time.

They'll be fine. It wasn't that long ago that Martin was getting pinned ever week, and it certainly didn't miss things up with him.

>Sammy Guevara's push is not enjoyable for me tho :/

C'mon, you're tripping. Sammy is really good and that was an awesome match tonight.

I also thought Shida and Nyla was really entertaining. I haven't been as into Rose's stuff lately, and I feel like her and Shida fight all the time. But that turned out to be weel-executed and not paint-by-numbers at all.