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Topic subjectFull Gear wasn't as great as All Out, but I still thought it really good
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2750802, Full Gear wasn't as great as All Out, but I still thought it really good
Posted by mrhood75, Sun Nov-14-21 11:57 AM
Yes, the matches tended to go long, but in most cases, it was because it was the blow-off of a feud or solid one-shot match. Which is what PPVs are for. The shortest match was the one where they're obviously going to keep things going, which also works.

The not as good:

Cody and Pac vs. Andrade and Malaki Black.
Really this was fucked up by Cody, as the work was actually solid. But when the crowd is booing the hot tag to Cody and later booing Cody saving the person they actually like, they need to acknowledge the problem. Stop making excuses and trying hard and just turn Cody heel already.

The Inner Circle vs. America's Top Team
The firs problem was that it came on the same night after the pretty grueling Supercliq vs. Christian and Jurassic Express match. It also didn't help that three of the participants were MMA guys and couldn't work, leaving it to Sky and Ego to carry everything for the heels. Dos Santo tried, but wasn't very good: He damn near landed on his head doing the standing moonsault, and was comically late stopping Jericho from doing the Lionsault. But at least it's over.

The solid/okay:

Britt vs. Conti: This really suffered because the Cody match killed the crowd, but was a good match overall. It didnt' need 15 minutes, because the finish was never in doubt, but Conti worked her ass off and looked good while doing it.

The pretty good:

Luchas Bros. vs. FTR: The end was a mess, but I liked everything before that. Probably should have found a away to end it with the Fenix Frog Spalsh.

Supercliq vs. Christian and Jurassic Express
Worked better than I thought it would and the right team went over. Mostly the point was for Jack Perry to "Kill the boy, become the man!" Funny who becoming a grown jungle brain involves smashing Matt Jackson's head in with a chair.

The very good/often great:

MJF vs. Allin
I really thought Darby would win, but it all played perfectly. It played like an inverted version of Cody vs. MJF: Darby refuses to go to the dark side, but loses anyway. And MJF will be absolutely insufferable on Wednesday.

Danielson vs. Miro
Weird ending aside, this was appropriately brutal, and you felt like Danielson survived. The finish did make sure, as awkwardly as it was executed, but of the established neck weakness.

Punk vs. Kingston
Thoroughly entertaining, and Kingston knocking out Punk before the match started was perfect. The hatred seemed real, and you could feel the crowd was conflicted. Clearly it isn't over, nor should it be.

Page vs. Omega
This absolutely worked for me, and Hangman winning was a great feel good moment. Especially him celebrating with the Dark Order. The match itself had the necessary drama. As I said above, I expected Page to kick out of the One-Winged Angel, but him giving Omega one of his own worked to. And the Bucks coming down further adds to the issues they're going to build between Omega and the Bucks & Cole.

So yeah, solid thumbs up. I'm not getting some of the complaints.