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Topic subjectFull Gear was too long and overstuffed
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2750799, Full Gear was too long and overstuffed
Posted by Tiger Woods, Sun Nov-14-21 07:04 AM
To me , the stuff I enjoy and enjoyed most is the stuff with a More traditional pace and better established characters

The best matches - by far - were Darby Allin/MJF, Miro/BD, and obviously Kingston/Punk.

I agree that if they leverage this well enough they can get Eddie Kingston to another level.

But then what? Then he gets to pal around with Pac and Andrade and other great guys who just don’t really ever do anything? It’s a legitimate concern and not just for EK but for anyone who’s on the ascent…how does AEW navigate these growing pains and come to terms with the fact that not every work rate horse can run every night? And the matches you DO put on the card…is there actual emotion there? Spots and spots and spots - cool, do we have a story here?

Miro/BD finish was weird, Luchas/FTR finish was Vincetastic, and I felll asleep but it sounds like the Omega/Cowboy finish was off too?

Lastly, I guess Adam Cole is having fun, but for how I feel about him this angle is so far beneath him. He should be where Omega is but maybe he doesn’t want to be.