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2750667, Full Gear Predictions
Posted by mrhood75, Thu Nov-11-21 07:44 PM

Nyla Rose & Jammie Hayter vs Thunder Rosa & Anna Jay
Don't really have strong thoughts, but I'm guessing Rosa & Jay to keep Rosa strong.

Official event:

Miro vs Bryan Danielson
This is tough, but I think I'm leaning Miro giving Danielson his first loss to set him up as a strong World Title challenger. On the off-chance that Omega retains, Danielson winning would set-up at least two more rematches with Omega down the line. But they can still do those even if Danielson and Omega lose. Regardless, this has the potential to be a slightly less awesome version of Walter vs. Dragunov.

Dr. Britt Baker vs Tay Conti
One of the few gimmes on the card. Baker retains. I can see Conti winning in the future, but not yet.

The Inner Circle vs Men Of The Year & American Top Team
Jericho makes Lambert tap out so we can finally shoot this angle in the fucking head. Sammy, Santana and Ortiz, and Men of the Year all have better things to do.

MJF vs Darby Allin
Another one that I'm torn on. I'm leaning Allin, because MJF really doesn't need the win. And whenever they eventually put the title on MJF, he has a built-in first feud. They might finally pull the trigger on Wardlow leaving in the process of this match.

Lucha Bros vs FTR
Man, another tough one. I want it to be the Lucha Bros. Besides, they already lost the AAA titles to FTR. But I also know that Fenix gets hurt all the time, they like to wrestle outside of the country a lot, and they don't really NEED the titles. Leaning towards FTR winning and getting a proper reign, then dropping the AAA titles back to the Lucha Bros. sometime in the next month or so.

CM Punk vs Eddie Kingston
Man, they turned this into a believable blood feud quick, where both are right and wrong. Going with Punk here. Though it's worth noting that I don't think Kingston has had a big singles win since he got to AEW. His biggest win was him and Penta beating the Bucks in a non-title match.

Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus & Christian Cage vs Adam Cole & Young Bucks
Can't really call this one. It should be Jurassic Express and Christian. They've been losing to the Bucks at every turn for over a year. However, Cole being in this match makes me think that his team will win. And the fact that Bucks like to put themselves over.

Cody Rhodes & PAC vs Malakai Black & Andrade El Idolo
Black and Idolo should win. Black is super fucking hot. However, since Cody is still in denial, I can see him putting himself over in hopes of trying to win over the fans.

Kenny Omega vs “Hangman” Adam Page
Said it the post above, it really has to be Page. It's time. If he loses, you might as well let him leave AEW. And it would only serve to boost Omega's ego.

Possible surprises: Maybe Wyatt/Windam shows up at some point? Or maybe one or two of the ROH guys? The card really doesn't need surprise appearances tho.

They did mention Okada and Ishii multiple teams last night... but apparently those guys are going in the greater Bay Area tomorrow, so that's probably not happening.