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Topic subjectRE: I gotta go down the rabbit hole on Kingston
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2750519, RE: I gotta go down the rabbit hole on Kingston
Posted by jimaveli, Wed Nov-10-21 11:35 AM
>His promos remind me of Bully Ray/Tazz-ish, but it seems he's
>more authentic when doing them. His in-ring stuff seems ok,
>but he hasn't done anything to wow me. But for the past month
>or so, he's been one I've been invested in.

He doesn’t look like much but his interviews are top shelf usually. Also, I forgot how him and Rusev/Miro went to town recently too. I have no reason to believe that him and Punk won’t do something good at Full Gear. I’m looking forward to it for sure.

I remember seeing him be aight on Impact and I wasn’t immediately amped when he showed up on AEW, but he’s laid down some good work. I’m excited for him in this spot with Punk.

I also love that Punk is going up the ladder in AEW and making damn near everyone look good along the way. The matches have been rock solid and smart and the talking has been about as good as it gets. Between him and Reigns, the whole industry is getting pushed to do better talking..I like it and what it could/should lead to.