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Topic subjectWell that should prove that he’s not a jerk
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2754586, Well that should prove that he’s not a jerk
Posted by bentagain, Fri Jan-07-22 07:54 AM
BTW, I agree with the writer and I’m disappointed he tried to walk it back
MVP isn’t offensive player of the year or best QB award
He started the offseason scapegoating the entire organization
From the HC to the GM
After his back to back NFC Chip game Ls with 3 INTs
Hinted at retiring
and that’s before the covid lies
He cost his team a game because he’s a jerk
The off the field stuff that is still team related absolutely factors into the MVP award
The writers should be pissed off he was breathing covid in their face while lying about being immunized
Wouldn’t blame the writers at all for getting revenge by voting for Tom.