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Topic subjectThey are making fun of you
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2750861, They are making fun of you
Posted by Heinz, Mon Nov-15-21 10:47 AM
...and you didn't know it because you were worried about being right in your research but it's clear you stopped researching when you found "YOUR" answer.

Malone DID NOT say he is opposed to the vaccine. You could easily find his statements on this from his twitter. He and his wife are both vaccinated. He has tweeted, posted on facebook when he was actually getting vaccinated and has put out videos telling people to get vaccinated LOL Malone is also NOT the inventor of MRNA lol there are many people who had this idea on paper who all contributed to the eventual creation of it. Dr. Katalin Karikó and her collaborator Dr. Drew Weissman are actually the creators who are everyone credible credits for it's creation.

How do you say all this

"Tell me if you even know how to research?

Can you cross reference your sources

Do you even know how to cite a source in a research paper?

You can't even comment on sports accurately..."

and you can't do any of that for simple shit like his own statements he made several times that cancel out your main argument? smh