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2756018, fair enough...nm
Posted by guru0509, Fri Jan-21-22 03:26 PM

>it's just not a NC or bust type of program. never has been.
>it's not the same cutthroat culture like it is down south or
>midwest. fan investment isnt nearly as high. put an
>entertaining program on the field and stay out of trouble off
>of it and riley can stay there for as long as he likes.
>i think he'll do well (the only direction to go is up) but im
>highly skeptical that he's going to field teams that can
>seriously compete for a title.
>>>Lincoln Riley will be out before 6 years if he doesnt bring
>>>USC back because the boosters are unrealistic.
>>6 years isn’t enough ? LOL
>>In 4 years his freshman recruits will be seniors or redshirt
>>juniors , if he doesn’t win a playoff game by then in the
>>easiest conference in the country he absolutely deserves to