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Topic subjectThey havent won a playoff game in 6 years.
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2756017, They havent won a playoff game in 6 years.
Posted by guru0509, Fri Jan-21-22 03:25 PM

>The team is consistently in the playoffs... some years they
>overperform, others they under perform. But that fan base gets
>to experience playoff excitement almost every year. Half the
>league would KILL for that bc it's actually very hard.

Yes, and they do kill for that, hence the constant churn of coaches, Black ones feeling the brunt of it. That is why Tomlin is extremely fortunate to have the ownership group he has.

>Just look at Washington to see that what happens on the field
>directly impacts fan loyalty and ticket sales. Folks were
>passing season tickets down like family heirlooms, now you
>can't give them tickets away.

Its washington though. They havent won anything since the 80s. and no one likes going to the new stadium.

>>>Lincoln Riley will be out before 6 years if he doesnt bring
>>>USC back because the boosters are unrealistic.
>>6 years isn’t enough ? LOL
>>In 4 years his freshman recruits will be seniors or redshirt
>>juniors , if he doesn’t win a playoff game by then in the
>>easiest conference in the country he absolutely deserves to
>So that's the bar... top 4 team within 6 years? Is that even
>realistic? How?

it's absolutely realistic. In college there is no draft, you assemble the players you want. and you have 4 years to do it with a bevy of resources. it's a results-oriented business and it's not like the cupboard is bare. A handful of recruits from Oklahoma have already switched or are transferring to USC.