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Topic subjectI cant tell the future and tell you whether theyll win or not
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2756016, I cant tell the future and tell you whether theyll win or not
Posted by guru0509, Fri Jan-21-22 03:13 PM
Sports are cyclical. Everyone knows this. Steelers used to win in the playoffs. Now they don't. Maybe USC will win. Maybe they wont. I dont care.

>and lmao at USC still being elite.

I think any job in Los Angeles that pays 10.5 to 11.5 million a year is elite. Whether its picking up garbage or delivering mail or clearning toilets or holding a clipboard on Figueroa every Saturday with 80k ppl cheering.

>Yeah.. they have been killing it lately and wow at all those
>great coaches since Pete left.

That's on the administration. It was a malnourished golden goose.

>USC is like Texas so I get why you don’t think its over..
>but its over.

Maybe, maybe not. All I know is they pay like an NFL team $$$$$

>USC had to give dude a fucking jet to come to USC.. lol.

Every coach in D1 at all the big traditional schools has access to a private jet. Do you think they search for tickets w Southwest JetBlue and Spirit airlines?