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Topic subjectUSC let helton circle the drain for years
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2756015, USC let helton circle the drain for years
Posted by 3xKrazy, Fri Jan-21-22 03:04 PM
it's just not a NC or bust type of program. never has been.

it's not the same cutthroat culture like it is down south or midwest. fan investment isnt nearly as high. put an entertaining program on the field and stay out of trouble off of it and riley can stay there for as long as he likes.

i think he'll do well (the only direction to go is up) but im highly skeptical that he's going to field teams that can seriously compete for a title.

>>Lincoln Riley will be out before 6 years if he doesnt bring
>>USC back because the boosters are unrealistic.
>6 years isn’t enough ? LOL
>In 4 years his freshman recruits will be seniors or redshirt
>juniors , if he doesn’t win a playoff game by then in the
>easiest conference in the country he absolutely deserves to be