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Topic subjectIf anyone is under estimating here it’s you .
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2755833, If anyone is under estimating here it’s you .
Posted by guru0509, Wed Jan-19-22 01:14 PM

I’m pretty familiar with the cfb landscape and how recruiting operates

USC is just as elite as the Steelers job, because it’s higher pressure than the Steelers .

You yourself said Tomlin would never be fired .

>this isn’t the early 2000’s.

>Times have changed.

Yes , they have to USCs advantage .

They’ve changed in the NFL too. You can see the growing influence of college football.

Thank god bc NFL football still boring as fuck but at least it has its moments

That 9ers Cowboys game was amateur hour 🤡 shit

>and kids will go where they can play immediately now that they
>have NIL deals and the portal.

Yea like USC .