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Topic subjectI think youre underestimating the NIL + Los Angeles
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2755327, I think youre underestimating the NIL + Los Angeles
Posted by guru0509, Fri Jan-14-22 07:05 PM
You don't have to convince anybody to
>come play for you,

I think it's WAY easier to recruit to USC now especially if youre a 5* prospect with a million followers on social media, and youre playing in Los Angeles

once your GM get's their signature on a
>contract you just have to show up and run practice.

>Like I said its 2 completely different jobs, its not much
>simpler than that lol

agreed, but USC is the only NCAA job that is anywhere close in comparison in terms of luster and pay, and razzle / dazzle.

if USC had a competent coach in place, CJ Stroud is not in Columbus but playing on Figueroa instead. I can almost guarantee that.

edit I am DONE talking up the god damn trojans. excuse me while i throw up.