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Topic subjectIt’s USC. Riley doesn’t have to leave the west coast .
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2755320, It’s USC. Riley doesn’t have to leave the west coast .
Posted by guru0509, Fri Jan-14-22 06:32 PM

It’s not like recruiting at other schools located in small midwestern or southern states .

Again USC is different from the typical college football program .

I don’t know how much simpler I can make it

around the country to po-dunk towns and beg high schoolers
>and their families when at the pro level you just show up at
>the practice facility and coach whomever your GM signs,
>especially when you've been doing that for 20+ years. Its 2
>completely different jobs, more people want to go from the
>college level to the pro level instead of the other way
>around. Pete Carroll was a unique and rare situation.
>>>but I think a lot of these dudes are college fans so they
>>>it as an honor to be mentioned for a college gig.
>>Nope . I’d never make this argument for your or my alma
>>mater or Alabama or Georgia or Texas or Clemson.
>>Tomlin is absolutely right about him having a nice gig
>> Eleven point 5 million a year and the job security is
>>in Pittsburgh bc the standards are way lower.
>>Lincoln Riley will get fired if he doesn’t win a playoff
>>game in 6 seasons.