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Topic subjectThey just went 9 overtime w a dogshit Illinois team and LOST 😂
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2749648, They just went 9 overtime w a dogshit Illinois team and LOST 😂
Posted by guru0509, Sat Oct-30-21 12:04 PM
Dude sucks and has already quit on his players and is dreaming of LA and Baton Rouge

And this week in his press conference he said :

My focus is completely on Illinois and this team and this program,” Franklin said. “I think I’ve shown over my eight years my commitment to this university and this community, and that’s kind of my statement.”

Franklin meant to say Ohio State, this week’s gargantuan opponent, not Illinois, the source of last week’s humiliation. He referred to the Buckeyes as Illinois several times and later said it would be a “tremendous challenge going on the road to Big House” when he meant Ohio State’s “Horseshoe.”

he’s a 🤡 …plus a shitty human being devoid of morals . That also works against you

Edit , link ….https://www.latimes.com/sports/usc/story/2021-10-28/james-franklin-usc-coaching-search?_amp=true

>>i think both would be an upgrade for that program and would
>>be a thorn in OSU's side.
>Jesus Christ