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Topic subjectsome trustee at SC prob told him to float it
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2749552, some trustee at SC prob told him to float it
Posted by 3xKrazy, Thu Oct-28-21 07:55 PM
>Palmer said “Tomlin is the wild card, IF HE WANTS OUT!!!”
>wait.. if he wants out? Why float that nonsense?

SC needs an exciting pie in the sky option to float out there and the 2 guys whose names are always floated for this shit (Urban and Gruden) are no longer exciting because they are now recognized as horrible human beings.

the rest of the list was pretty laughable too. two ohio lifers (fickell and campbell) who prob wouldn't even vacation in LA for the weekend let alone move there permanently. and franklin. who really seems like their guy.

throwing tomlin out there creates some buzz and makes it seem like SC is pulling out all the stops for this search.

that's my theory at least.