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Topic subjectRyan Clark apologized to Tomlin
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2749530, Ryan Clark apologized to Tomlin
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Oct-28-21 10:43 AM
and admits he got ahead of himself.

I’m changing my tune on Palmer and Clark now that I read what they actually said.

While these dudes are trying to get their schools back to glory they were thirsty af in doing it.

Palmer said “Tomlin is the wild card, IF HE WANTS OUT!!!”
wait.. if he wants out? Why float that nonsense?

Ryan Clark always bashes AB and the Steelers about causing unnecessary drama and them he does this shit?

His apology:

“This is partly my fault. … That’s my fault Coach T, they said you might be in the running for it and when they asked me about it, coach, I was like, ‘I’d like for you to come.'”
“The fact that we (LSU) thought about it, if it’s true, I don’t care if he’s mad. … I said ‘coach, I didn’t say you were coming. I didn’t say you were interested. What I said was, if you are, we should offer you all the money we possibly can to get you to take the job.'”

he also said he would quit TV to be the LSU DB coach if that is what was needed to get Mike to come. Nigga aint coached a damn thing in his life.. lol. Thirsty ass..

He started all this on a local Pittsburgh radio show so yeah..
both these dudes aint shit for doing this to Tomlin.