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Topic subjectRE: No actually you can't. I haven't ignored any aspect of your argument.
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2749462, RE: No actually you can't. I haven't ignored any aspect of your argument.
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Oct-27-21 03:07 PM
>The crux of which is fundamentally flawed and intellectually
>dishonest and all I've done is point that out. I've issued no
>judgment on anything else because there's nothing else about
>your argument to really comment on.
what the hell are you talking about?

>If you wanna say that despite the broadcasted Tomlin specific
>rumors that the reporter should've kept his dumb question in
>his back pocket then that's fine.

I did… you just ignored those post

And if you wanna say that
>the reason the reporter didn't keep the question in his back
>pocket is because he's racist then that's fine as well. You
>can speculate as you wish and there's no way to prove it right
>or wrong.

I did.. you just ignored those post
>Also, they did ask Urban the same question about SC. Which I
>get isn't quite as stupid as asking Tomlin since Urban is a
>'college guy' but it was still a moronic question. But it's
>not as if the media asking stupid questions based on credible
>or non credible rumors is a new thing. It happens every day.

asking Urban would be fucked up but like you said.. he just got here so that makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense is saying since Carson threw his name out that means it’s acceptable to ask that dumb ass question. You even said it was stupid of Palmer to bring up Tomlin because it wasn’t happening.

so either you are arguing just to argue or you got triggered when you heard the word racist.

I even said I wasn’t mad at Palmer and Ryan for wanting a great coach at their school, it was the reporter that was the dumb ass in post #18