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Topic subjectAgreed. Racism is a different monster in general right now.
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2749444, Agreed. Racism is a different monster in general right now.
Posted by soulfunk, Wed Oct-27-21 12:54 PM
Of course it was always there. And depending on setting/location/$$$/etc. it's been at varied levels of openness. But things are at a weird point right now where awareness around racism has worked on different levels - there are racist folks out there who are empowered by knowing that there are plenty others who feel the same way as them, and they have the ability to be blatant about it in ways not seen since the civil rights movement.

Then at the high levels of the socioeconomic scale, rich folks and companies like the NFL found out exactly how to be blatantly racist and get away with it by controlling the narrative. Just saw that yesterday with Goodell announcing that the WFT investigation won't be public.